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Make the Most of the Lunch Rush: How to Use Point of Sale Reporting to Improve Fast Food Sales

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If you have a fast food business in a corporate area, your sales will come mostly at lunch and they'll come fast. Your success will depend on how many customers you can serve in that short 1-1.5 hour period. Your staff should be trained for speed, but speed that doesn't exclude courteous customer service and upselling.

Your point-of-sale (POS) system can generate a variety of reports that can help you monitor your sales staff's performance, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. It's essential that each of your sales people has their unique login for using the POS system. You can then easily track key performance indicators (KPIs), such as total customer count, customer count per hour, total sales and average sale per transaction.

Speed of service

The POS report can help you identify the best-performing team members, as well as the ones that are lagging behind. If someone is not serving nearly as many customers as the rest of the team members, it's a sign that the manager needs to pay attention at how this person is doing things. Are they slower because their work station is not organised? Are they following the right systems? What are the best-performing people on your team doing differently? How can you train your non-performers to do the same?


Comparing your staff's sale per transaction will give you an indication whether or not a sales person is upselling successfully. If they are not, they may need more training or they simply need to be reminded that upselling is expected of them. You can automate reminders by programming your POS system to prompt your staff to ask the customer more questions before closing the sale.

Don't lose sight of the big picture

It's important to look at the KPIs in combination and not only individually. Sometimes upselling can come at the cost of spending more time with one person and losing other customers that don't want to wait. In this case someone good at upselling will have higher sales per transaction, but lower customer count and lower total sales than a team member that serves fast. Comparing all KPIs will determine the best strategy for your business and the best way to train your staff for highest sales. You can even introduce different strategies for the lunch rush and other times. When the business is slower, the staff will have more time to have a conversation with the customers, build a relationship and encourage them to buy more.