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Five Tips for Preserving an Old, Falling-Apart Rugby Hoodie

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If you have an old Rugby Union sweatshirt that is threadbare and ripped in a couple places but still close to your heart, you may be wondering how you can ensure it lasts as long as possible. Regardless of why you are treasuring your old Rugby Union hoodie, there are steps you can take to protect and preserve it. Check out these ideas:

1. Wash the hoodie alone.

Washing is likely to be the most stressful thing your hoodie faces on a regular basis. To protect it, make sure that you don't throw it in the wash with rough jeans or clothing with buttons or zippers that may rip the hoodie. Instead, wash it alone and on the gentle cycle. If you must mix your hoodie with other clothing, put it inside a mesh lingerie bag.

2. Use gentle cleaners.

Don't use harsh washing detergent, bleaches or even acidic vinegar on your Rugby Union hoodie. Instead, use the gentlest soap you can find. Look for liquid clothes soap that is designed to preserve colors and prevent shrinking.

3. Invest in a back-up hoodie.

If you want your Rugby Union hoodie to last for as long as possible, you may only want to wear it on special occasions. For other times, invest in a back up hoodie. The new one may not ever have the sentimental significance of your old Rugby hoodie, but it allows you to support your favourite team without putting any more wear and tear on your old hoodie.

4. Repair promptly.

If you've ever watched a rip start small and grow to epic proportions, you know that the saying, "a stitch in time saves nine" is extremely accurate. Don't let small bits of damage on your old favourite hoodie get worse. Instead, address whatever damage occurs as it occurs. If there is a hole, try to patch it. If the cuffs fall off, try to reattach them. If you don't know how to sew yourself, take your hoodie to a seamstress.

5. Repurpose your old hoodie.

If your Rugby Union hoodie is falling apart to the point where you almost cannot wear it, it may be time to preserve it by discontinuing wearing it. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot do something else with it. Consider cutting out the main part of the hoodie and framing it. Alternatively, take it to a professional printer, have them scan it and then frame the scan.