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Starting a New Career Online? Why You Need to Focus on Quality Audio

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More people than ever are becoming involved in what is euphemistically known as the "gig economy." For many, this involves selling services or information online, and this requires a dedicated effort to build a good reputation so that people will buy from you. To really hit the mark here, you must ensure that your A/V tools and processes are first class, as you cannot get away with anything less. More importantly, your audio must inspire people, or they will simply click away or switch it off. So how do you make sure that you are ready for the big time?

Focus on Audio

There is nothing worse than a poor-quality audio, even if your visual imagery is out of this world. It's not that difficult to make this happen due to technological advances, but you need to avoid many of the pitfalls that people encounter.

Audio Processing

You must avoid any peripheral sound in the background, feedback and unwanted audio processing effects. These will include hisses, buzzes and hums, together with echoes and other foreign interlopers, such as keyboard clicks and barking dogs. You have to take extra steps to mask the dreaded sound created when you speak a word beginning with "P," which will require an extra filter. You've also got to make sure that you don't bump into the microphone or otherwise handle it during broadcast. In short, the only thing that you want your listener to hear is the crystal-clear sound of your voice. Imagine you're having a face-to-face conversation with a friend who is standing next to you—this should be your target outcome.

Quality Microphone

You MUST get a professional microphone if you want to be serious in this arena. This doesn't have to be a budget breaker, but you will need a dynamic product that you may be able to plug into your USB port on your laptop. You cannot create a good impression with a standard headset microphone like the one that came with your smart phone.

Microphone Stand

Invest in a good stand that will allow you to function without holding the microphone in your hands. If you do so, any type of fidgeting will come across as nasty feedback. Try to mount it away from your chair or desk, in case your feet or hands accidentally touch one of those objects.

Good Surroundings

Find a good place to broadcast which is away from any peripheral noises and is acoustically ideal. Beware of loud noises from outside (such as a siren) and ensure that the room has carpet, or other large items of furniture which will help to calm any reflections and 

The key here is in professional microphones, so ask a representative to help you find the best solution for your fledgeling career.