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Five Tips for Preserving an Old, Falling-Apart Rugby Hoodie

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If you have an old Rugby Union sweatshirt that is threadbare and ripped in a couple places but still close to your heart, you may be wondering how you can ensure it lasts as long as possible. Regardless of why you are treasuring your old Rugby Union hoodie, there are steps you can take to protect and preserve it. Check out these ideas: 1. Wash the hoodie alone. Washing is likely to be the most stressful thing your hoodie faces on a regular basis. Read More»

Important Tips for Choosing Cowhide Rugs

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Cowhide rugs can be a great choice for any room of the home, either to add some rustic charm or to tone down a more modern look. They can also be used as wall art, as cowhide rugs are usually very lightweight and easy to hang. Consider a few important tips for choosing a cowhide rug so you know you get one that you’ll love for years to come. Synthetic versus genuine cowhide Read More»

Make the Most of the Lunch Rush: How to Use Point of Sale Reporting to Improve Fast Food Sales

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If you have a fast food business in a corporate area, your sales will come mostly at lunch and they’ll come fast. Your success will depend on how many customers you can serve in that short 1-1.5 hour period. Your staff should be trained for speed, but speed that doesn’t exclude courteous customer service and upselling. Your point-of-sale (POS) system can generate a variety of reports that can help you monitor your sales staff’s performance, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. Read More»